Build Powerful Mobile and Web Apps with the Help of Intelligent CodeBots - No Coding required!

iRithm is the AI-powered no-code visual app builder of the future allowing anyone to build Apps with no prior Coding Experience. You Describe it, we build it

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    Meet Julia - the Industry’s most advanced conversational AI-based programming assistant!

    Getting smarter by the second - iRithm’s chatbot, Julia, draws on her training on millions of lines of code deeply learning about software architectures, and design patterns. Julia will be by your side throughout your entire app building journey giving you expert assistance and guidance. Think an entire development team who built thousands of applications at your fingertips - Think Julia!


    Just tell Julia what you want to build

    iRithm has developed a patent-pending programming paradigm that is AI and ML-friendly; iRext. Thanks to iRext Julia can achieve feats such as turning your plain english conversations into full programs, taking a sample URL for a reference website and creating a replica or accepting your roughly sketched wireframes as basis for a full-fledged application. Focus on the "what", delegate the "how" to Julia with UI, DB, Logic and Devops all sorted out.


    Drag-and-drop your way to a pixel-perfect design

    Design your app’s meticulous and beautiful interface with the so-easy-yet-powerful scratch-inspired visual builder. Snap your lego-like blocks to have your application’s UI designed for a great multi-platform user experience.


    Define your app’s behavior

    Are you familiar with functions in excel? That is all you need toBuild fully customized and advanced functionality and logic into your app. By simply selecting from a comprehensive collection of excel-like formulas readily available for iRithm app builders without any coding experience. More advanced developers can use code exits to write their own code to cover even the most edge cases!


    Deploy, Host and Scale with zero DevOps

    Finished your app? Sitting on top of Google’s cloud infrastructure, your app can be securely deployed with just one click. iRithm handles your deployment, hosting, scalability and devOps on your behalf so you can focus on managing & growing your business.

    Here's a sneak peek under the hood

    Turbo-charge your application development with the industry's most powerful AI-led, no-code application builder empowering anyone to rapidly design, build and deploy powerful digital products!

    Who is iRithm for?


    Almost all startups have a digital component nowadays, be it a mobile or web app. With funds and time usually being tight, wouldn’t you love to cut down the costs and time of creating an app?

    Do you have an idea for a life-altering, ground-breaking mobile or web app but you don't know how to code and you can't afford a developer?

    iRithm lets you develop powerful web/mobile apps to bootstrap your dream startup without any prior coding experience and without investing a fortune. The possibilities are endless!

    Citizen Developers

    Whether you want to put a tedious repetitive task on auto-pilot or automate a complete business process or workflow, iRithm lets anyone in your organization create robust applications without having to rely on expensive and typically busy/unavailable IT teams.

    Take the complexity out of building applications, and boost your organization’s productivity.

    Software Agencies & Independent Service Providers

    Use the power of iRithm's no-code platform to supercharge your agency's productivity, resource utilization and turn-around times. With iRithm even your non-technical resources can be key to delivering serious digital products to your clients in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional coding and software production approaches.

    What can you Build on iRithm?

    See what other no-code builders have created with iRithm


    Education & e-Learning

    Multi-sided Marketplaces

    Instant Messaging & Social Apps

    Custom Business Workflows


    Wellness & Healthcare

    Your Applications Deserve a Solid Technology Stack

    iRithm application builder powered by next-generation AI and machine learning algorithms will generate robust, error-free and well-architected code in a stack of popular, open-source technologies for maximum maintainability and continuity. Code is generated with Node.js and Vue.js as well as Dart/Flutter for mobile applications.

    Google's world-leading cloud computing infrastructure will guarantee the quality of your applications' deployment, hosting, security and scalability is second to none.

    What are you waiting for? Start building your app right away.

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