Your Coffee-break Guide to No-code

February 15, 2021
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    February 15, 2021
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Your Coffee-break Guide to No-code

Almost everything you need to know about no-code/low-code app development over a good cup of coffee

Have you ever had a fantastic idea for an app, website, or computer program but not had the coding chops to create it? Thousands of people have been in this same situation since the age of the internet.


No-code automation tools are the solution to this issue! Many brilliant minds have been struck by a revolutionary idea only to be stopped by hiring a coding expert. Luckily a few of these people had the time or money to create tools to help non-coders create masterpieces.


No-code platforms are created as drag-and-drop application builders to make coding as simple as checking the correct box. These platforms are designed for people who have the development side of a program figured out but lack the know-how to build it on their own.


There are programs for every circumstance. For example, iRithm focuses on business applications that help the entrepreneur and business owner build their own programs from scratch with no coding experience required.


Whether it’s recreational or professional, no-code tools keep the hassles of building applications in the past. We are excited to show you how these no-code tools will bring your business into the future with us!

No-Code Programming Explained

No-code programming is predicted to be responsible for over 60% of the applications on the internet by 2024. This means that we are still in the early stages of a revolutionary product.


A no-code program is built to help ordinary people with no coding experience, fancy degrees, or training design and develop their own applications. In place of coding, the no-code program uses easy to understand fields that you can fill in, drag, and drop wherever you’d like.


This simple method almost seems like it’s too simple to work, but the power behind the no-code programs is what’s helping you build the perfect plan for your business. There are countless ways that this can help your business grow without having to hurt your wallet.


On top of all the other benefits, no-code programming typically has no upper limit. This means that you can still build complex programs that include all the features you need without bringing in an expert.


No-code programming fixes the issue that startup businesses have of hiring a full-time coding expert to get their company off the ground. It also solves another major problem, finding a high-quality employee. In development, there are more jobs available than there are humans to program.


The new wave on no-code programming is here to resolve these significant issues businesses run into. With no-code programming, anyone can make their own company website, backend CRM programs, finance tracking software, interactable phone applications, and much more.


Suppose you are worried about how to build an app, no worries! No-code programming allows you to choose the features you want and create the applications up to 10 times faster than an average programmer would be able to. This speed increase and cost decrease make no-code programming even more attractive to business-minded people around the world.



Low-Code Versus No-Code

No-code programming is ideal for people who don’t have any coding experience and want to build a high-quality app, program, or website. No-code opens the door for anyone to create whatever they need for their business needs.


Low-code programming is in place to help people who already know how to program speed up their work. Low-code programming is fantastic for companies that already have programmers on their payroll or an individual who is a programmer.


We wouldn’t recommend low-code programming to people who do not already know how to code, and many times businesses accidentally choose a low-code platform over a no-code platform. This can cause a loss in revenue and time due to the amount of effort it can take to find a no-code platform that meets your needs.

The Best Business Uses For No-Code

No-code programming popularity is rising dramatically, so if you have an idea, there probably already is or soon will be a no-code platform for you. We see no-code used the most for back-office applications, mobile app building, and website applications.


These three scenarios have a lot of support in the no-code community, so we would highly recommend dipping your toe into one of these three areas of no-code.


Whether you’re a new business owner, an entrepreneur, or a tech company, there is a no-code system that can improve your life.

Back Office Applications

Back office applications are the ones that everyone at your company will be using to manage their tickets, organize their prospects, and anything else to help things run smoothly. Having smooth running back-office applications is what makes a company run like a well-oiled machine.


Many no-code programs have this in mind and are designed to create back-office applications quickly and easily right out of the box. Since you’ll have these key features rapidly in your business, it will make everything run smoother without having to try dozens of products.


You can simply build the perfect product for your business and maintain everything yourself!


Building a Mobile App Without Coding

Every business requires a mobile app now to interact with or purchase the product businesses sell. This can cost $1,000 for something basic or 10’s of thousands of dollars if you want something that blows the socks off your customers.

No-code systems enable anyone to create and run an essential mobile application immediately for a fraction of the cost, and learning to build an app could only take a few days. There’s no need to delay going mobile anymore.

Web Applications and Marketplaces

Websites are the new storefront of the technological age. They come in every shape and size starting from simple informational websites based on content management systems (CMS) all the way to multi-sided marketplaces connecting multiple levels of buyers and sellers; think the likes of fiverr, uber or airbnb.

While many no-code platforms such as webflow or wix can support with building the simpler types of websites and e-commerce applications, only very few nocode platforms can truely support the development of more complex web applications with rich logic and workflows. iRithm is designed with this end in mind.

Tried and True No-Code Applications

Now that we’ve highlighted all the benefits of having a no-code system in place for building your business applications, I’m sure you’re curious which ones would be the best to start.

We’ve used and tested these products and found them simple to use and learn for the best experience with no-code. Our focus is a business focus, but there are no-code apps for video games and more fun projects as well.

For all companies that want to build their own applications, iRithm, Bubble.io, Appypie, and Power Apps, are the cream of the crop.


Nearly a million people have used and built applications on Bubble.io. They specialize in web applications for your company to access. Their goal is to allow anyone to be able to build technology and remove the barrier to entry to enter the internet business market.


They use point-and-click editors for you to be able to simply pick what you want and drop it where you’d like it to be. This is a great introduction product to building website applications specifically.


Appypie is an award-winning no-code platform that primarily helps people build mobile applications. Websites and back-office task automation are also two of their strong suits.


There is a lot of support for Appypie, so it makes an excellent platform to start on if you’re looking to build an android based Google Play application for business use. Their product’s cost is also extremely competitive, so it won’t break the bank to give them a try.

Power Apps

Power Apps is Microsoft’s attempt at no-code programming for citizen developers. They are boasting a predicted 74% reduction in app development costs for new businesses and an average of 3.2 hours per week saved on maintenance.


These stats may seem outrageous, but it proves that no-code isn’t going anywhere. There is a large amount of support, even from the largest companies in the world.


Power Apps focuses on back-office applications and mobile applications. With Microsoft, support is difficult to reach, but there is a large amount of online information about the platform. This no-code system is one we’d recommend for people who are familiar with Microsoft’s products and don’t need a lot of support getting off the ground.


Our very own no-code app builder, iRithm is unique in that it is equipped with what we believe is the industry’s most advanced AI assistance that is always at your fingertips. This no-code system launching publicly in the last quarter of 2021, allows you to build an application with a guide that conforms to exactly what you need. This unique technology has been given the name Julia.


You can tell Julia what type of application you want to build, and she’ll walk you through how to achieve your vision quickly and cleanly. No-code with iRithm helps you build the base and then improve from there.

From tech startups to workflow automation, iRithm will help build web and mobile applications for every industry and niche that are scalable and easy to understand.

Why Use No-Code Versus Hiring Someone?

There are two things that no-code platforms do for a business. They save them time and money.

Mobile applications alone can cost anywhere between $30,000 and $200,000 depending on the complexity of the application and who you hire to create it. Website design and maintenance can cost a business $1000 per year to maintain.

 Back office applications are in a realm of their own and require a team of people to maintain and support.

With no-code applications, maintaining and building on the platform can cost anywhere from $20 to $100 per month. This is minuscule compared to the other price ranges above, and you as a single person can spend a couple of hours a week to maintain and create your own application.

Yes, hiring a professional will provide you with a potentially higher quality product, but with the direction no-code programming is headed with AI assistance like Julie and comprehensive introductions on multiple sites, the difference will be next to nothing within a year or two.

To sum up everything we have been saying no-code programming satisfies a business’s need to get onto the internet for 100’s of dollars instead of 10’s of thousands of dollars.

Resources to Start Building No-Code Software

As with anything, the more training you have, the better you are going to be at it. Thankfully the barrier to entry for no-code app design is 3-10 hours of training versus 100+ hours to learn a programming language.


There are three main hubs for no-code programming, but each product type typically has its own training platform as well. For example, iRithm has Julie to teach you along the way and adapt, Power Apps has training videos, and Bubble.io has its own academy on its website.


The three areas that we have seen people excel in are Nocode Essentials, Learning Nocode, and No Code 3.0. These are libraries of learning videos, articles, and blogs to teach anyone how to use no-code platforms in general, and they are fantastic starting places to know if no-code would work for your situation.

Nocode Essentials

This site honestly has it all when it comes to learning about no-code and how to utilize it in your life. There are blogs, videos, tutorials, courses, gurus, test programs, and much more that you can choose from by merely scrolling on their home page.


Nocode Essentials has fostered a great community that is genuinely helpful and wants everyone to succeed. On top of all of this, you can submit your own content for approval to continue to the community’s growth once you have gone through your no-code journey.


Nocode Essentials is a forum with almost every media option for anyone to use at any point in their no-code learning.

Learning No-code

Learning No-code has a similar system as Nocode Essentials, but it has fewer resources at the moment and hasn’t been around quite as long. They change the system a little by providing websites that give superb tutorials for anyone to learn no-code.


This website gives resources to find the right no-code platform for you to start on and the materials to get rolling downhill with your app creation. We would recommend this site to anyone shopping for the right no-code program to use and wants to test out a few before committing.

NoCode 3.0

In our experience, NoCode 3.0 is a great first stop for anyone learning no-code. This is because they have a hyper-focused tutorial for each type of application you’d want to build. The course they put you through will take you from not knowing what coding is to making whatever app you want in a week.


The NoCode 3.0 system is excellent for people who don’t want to shop around and just want to get right to building something unique. You will learn specifically about no-code and specific situation you need to develop an application for. An example would be if you want to build a membership site, you can pick that particular application builder to learn about.


If you just want to get up and running and don’t want to look around, NoCode 3.0 is the website for you.


Try No-Code and See How Easy It Makes Building a Business

From seemingly limitless resources to dozens of high-quality no-code programs, anyone can start building their own application for just a few dollars a month. Society has been making things more accessible for everyday people who don’t have time to invest thousands of hours into learning a new skill.


No-code systems are the next natural step to helping your everyday citizen create mobile applications, websites, and office efficiency programs. Anyone being able to take their next great mobile application to the Google Play store or building a website that drives traffic is what no-code programming has opened up.


Entrepreneurs and business owners are accelerating their businesses to their final form in a year or less now that these types of programs are available to them. The average application takes over 100 thousand dollars to create and maintain. We are currently in the age where it can take less than a thousand dollars to have a new product rocking and rolling.


If you want to instantly align your business with the technology sector, fast forward innovation, and be continually moving forward with the most up to date products, no-code is the only direction to go!


iRithm, Bubble.io, and many other superb programs make programming as easy as telling the computer exactly what you want, then dragging and dropping it where you want it. We would recommend that anyone and everyone give no-code programming a try because it is the next giant technology leap.

iRithm helps small businesses and entrepreneurs build powerful web and mobile apps without ever writing a line of code. Our no-code platform features the most advanced AI-powered programing assistant on the market to guide users through the entire process. Request early access today to see how it works!

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